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It's time to d-d-d-d-d-uel!!! :iconyamirapefaceplz:



Not dead yet

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 19, 2014, 1:44 AM

Ugh should've written this a long time ago. I'm sorry for the inactivity guys, but gosh I've been busy as hell -w- school, tests, internship. Plus I've been sick…and yesterday I had a emergency surgery. Thanks to that I'm at home while my friends are having fun at an anime convention. Urgh stupid body, I hate it!

But I have to admit I've also been inactive because I was (still am) lazy as hell. *sigh*

And to be honest, I've hardly worked on anything. Not my comics, story or commissions. Aaaand I still have to answer a tons of notes, messages and have to comment on your artworks.

So plus be patient sweethearts, I'm only human and I'm trying to do my best.

Love you guys, bye!


Ps: I HATE the new layout of dA, it looks like freaking facebook! 

She who grants life by LadyGab
She who grants life
Made a  a picture of Frau with a statue of my oc a while ago and now I decided to make another pic.
Only this time it's Labrador with a statue of my friend :iconcoyote69lotus:'s oc Tenshi 

Hope you like it dear!
For those who want to read my story, here's a link: Your guardian angels (07 Ghost)- part 1

Picture of Frau and Angelica Death has many faces by LadyGab
Angelica's POV:
The first thing the Black Hawks did, the day after they captured Tenshi and me, was testing our skills. Hyuuga took me to a cold and dark room, the only light came from a LTL lamp on the high ceiling. From the corners of my eyes I could see that the floor was covered with pools of blood. Did this upset me? No, not at all...I was used to such scenery after all. "Make me proud Angy!~ " Hyuuga said while petting my shoulder. Then he left me alone in the room…it wouldn't stay like that for long though.

A few seconds after Hyuuga left me in this dark room, a shutter opened. An enormous guy walked into the room, he must have been at least twice my size. "Oh my, I have a very tasty looking meal today." A perverted smirk spread on the man's lips as he looked me at from head to toe.  Suddenly I heard a speaker calling my name. "Angelica-san, your task is to kill this criminal. If you don't slay him then he'll defiantly kill you, so don't show him any mercy."  

The criminal cracked his knuckles and snickered evilly. "This little princess? Ha! As if she can even lay a finger on m-"  but before he could finish his sentence I leaped into the air, pulled my spear out and sliced him in two. Blood splashed all around and even in my face. This all took three seconds. Gracefully I landed back on my feet and put mt spear back away.

The door opened as Hyuuga walked back into the room. He clapped his hands and grinned.
"That was great Angy, Aya-tan saw you and is very pleased!" If the wars hadn't controlled my body I would have huffed. So Ayanami that bastard, was watching the whole time. Hyuuga grabbed me by my arm and leaded me out of the room.

Outside Konatsu was waiting together with Haruse, Kuroyuri and Tenshi.
My sister was staring into space with her dull blue eyes. She didn't even look up at me when I stood in front of her. To the outside world it must have looked like we weren't communicating at all, however perception can be misleading. "Angy, did you kill someone? You're covered with blood!" She said telepathically to me, I could clearly here the fright in her voice.

"Yes, Ten Ten. I killed a criminal and you'll have to do the same, it's a test. They want to see how strong we are." I hear d her telepathically sigh and I knew why. She disliked killing people. Instead she wanted to help them, save their lives and make sure they walk on the right path of life. Sometimes I forgot how different we were, we were actually each other's opposites.

Haruse suddenly grabbed Tenshi by the arm and leaded her to the dark room. "Angy, do you know who that silver haired man is?" If the wars hadn't controlled my body I would've nodded. "Yes…he's Verloren…"

Tenshi's  POV:
Oh how I hated this! I hated wearing that horrible uniform, I hated working for my worst enemy and I hated I couldn't freely move, because of the wars! There was only one good thing about this whole situation: a wars can control an angel's body, but can never devour its soul. So we were safe and if we came in contact with something as holy water we would be freed from the wars… but I knew our chances were low.

Angy was a lucky bird. If she used a lot of energy then she could make a little move or say a word, but I could do nothing. But then again that was only normal. Angelica had been surrounded by darkness, from the moment she was created by the Chief of heaven… and because of that she was more resistant towards dark creatures such as kors and wars. I on the other hand was very sensitive, darkness could easily take over me, that's why Angy always had to protect me and showed me the light.

Time passed by slowly and many things happened in the few weeks we were with the Black Hawks. After the test Ayanami called Angy and me with him. He first observed us with his cold purple eyes ,before saying with an emotionless expression on his handsome face:
"Tenshi, I chose you as my begleiter." I was very surprised because of this and so was my sister. Angelica actually was physically the strongest one of us while I was mentally the strongest. She was a great fighter and I was a great healer and  prophet. Angy had a defensive zaiphon and I a healing one...but I couldn't protest anyway so I unwillingly I became my worst enemies' protector.

So while I had to hang around with Ayanami , Angelica had to spend her  time with Hyuuga and Konatsu. To my surprise I noticed how she started to get along with them, especially with Hyuuga. I once saw a very little smile on her face when Hyuuga was telling her a joke.

But I knew if I would ask her about it she would certainly deny it. That's only normal after all, it didn't matter if they were actually pretty nice and cool, they still worked for our worst enemy…and because of that they were our enemies as well.
At first it irritated me to no end that I had to follow Ayanami around all the time, it was as if I was his new puppy…but eventually I got used to it. Not that I had a choice anyway. Fortunately he sometimes took Angy with us, this made me feel less lonely. I remember that one day Angy and I were waiting outside the door, while Ayanami was discussing some business with Miroku…when suddenly Shuri and some other soldiers walked over to us. They were snickering like small boys and grinning like devils.

"Look at them, how pathetic! First angels and now Ayanami-sama's brownnosers, ha!"
Shuri looked with a shark grin at us. I knew how much he hated Angy and especially me since I, unwillingly,  took his job and became Ayanami's begleiter. One of the soldiers looked with a perverted smirk at Angy and softly whistled. "Wow, this one is hot." He said as he greedily reached his hand out to Angy, but was stopped by Shuri.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, I tried that about a week ago and she almost chopped off my head." I was quite surprised about him revealing that. Angy had never told me that! Shuri then turned his  gaze from Angy to me and grinned.
"But I know YOU can't freely move." He reached his greedy hand out to my chest, when I suddenly felt a wind rush by my skin. Shuri squeaked in both surprise and fear when he realized what had happened.

To my surprise I saw Angy was holding her spear protectively in front of my chest, it was a warning. A hissing sound escaped my sisters lips as she gritted her teeth. "Toooouuucccch…" A tiny grin curled around her lips, her voice was hoarse and alien. "Aaaandd…diiiieeee…." Shuri's face turned a few shades paler and screaming for his mommy he ran away. The other soldiers followed right behind him, they were all scared to death.

If I could I would have smirked. "Thanks Angy, you saved my chest." I said telepathically to Angelica, I heard her chuckle in my head. "Hey, you save my life and I save your torso. It's only fair don't you think!"
Like I said before it costs a LOT of energy to move or speak freely and especially to make such a fast move and say more than one word…so I wasn't surprised when I saw from the corners of my eyes, that Angy's head was hanging downwards and she was fast asleep.

Angelica's POV:
The more time passed the more I got worried, it looked like we would never be free again…I  had almost given up all hope… but the Chief of Heaven must have heard my prayers. Three weeks after we had been captured, Ayanami called the Black Hawks together. A little mischievous grin was playing on his lips and his cold purple eyes were almost twinkling.
"The time has finally come, we're going to pay a little visit to our good friends."

Hyuuga twisted his lollipop in his mouth and smirked. "Oh, so we're going to play with the Ghosts, Aya-tan?"
My heart skipped a beat, when I heard him say that. Did he just say Ghosts? Does he mean the Seven Ghosts?!
In an instant I got all my hope back and I wasn't the only one.

"Angy, did you hear that?! He's talking about Profe and the others!!"
Her voice sounded as enthusiastic as I felt. "Yes I know Ten Ten, Profe and Zehel can help us!" If I could I would have grinned. It was finally payback time.
"Zehel is going to kick Verloren's butt for what he did to me!"
Tenshi snickered at that, telepathically of course.

But we couldn't continue our telepathically conversation, because Ayanami told us about his plan. "Tenshi, Kuroyuri and Haruse you come with me. We're going to the seventh district."
He then turned to look at Hyuuga. "Hyuuga, you take Konatsu and Angelica with you. You're going after Teito Klein." I would have frowned if I could.
Teito who? Who's that? Never heard about a guy named Teito before. I thought we were going after the Ghosts?!

Hyuuga grinned and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "Of course, Aya-tan and I'll take good care of our precious little blond over here."  LITTLE?! I used a lot of energy to step on his foot, stupid of course since I'll be needing my energy but he knows how much I hate it to be called little! Ayanami saw me stepping on Hyuuga's foot and grinned. "You better keep an eye on her."

After that everybody got ready to fight. I was surprised to see Kuroyuri giving Tenshi a nun suit. What are they up to? I was also curious about who this Teito was and what he had to do with the Ghosts.

Labrador's POV:
I was taking care of my flowers in the garden, when suddenly a chilly wind blew right into my face and unpleasant chills ran down my spine. Surprised I looked up at the sky and noticed how dark the clouds suddenly were. Something was about to happen…. Then I saw it again… feathers…beautiful white feathers falling from the sky, but when they touched the ground they turned pitch-black.
When I blinked my eyes they were gone. "What is going on…?" I wondered out loud.

Out of nowhere a nasty chill ran down my back as my stomach twitched. I realized something dark and evil had entered the church… and I knew exactly where it was. As fast as I could I ran to the room with the Profe (my) statue, outside it was deserted. Why now, at a time like this?!

When I arrived at the statue an unpleasant surprise was awaiting me. It was a tall man wearing a bishop robe… but I recognized his aura immediately. He was looking at Profe's statue, but turned around when he heard my footsteps and looked with a sly smirk at me. "It's been a while, Profe." Calmly I looked him in the eyes. "Yes it is, Chief of Staff Ayanami or should I say… Verloren?"

Ayanami just grinned. It was a good thing Teito-kun and Frau left a few weeks ago. Although I had my suspicions that other Black Hawks were chasing them at this very moment.
"I came to take back what belongs to me… after all you and the other Ghosts are nothing else, but my replica's. You don't deserve to live."
I raised my arms defensively, causing my plants to grow. "I don't want to kill you Verloren, I just want you to live a peaceful and normal life." The smirk on Ayanami's face slightly widened and  got something evil. "How foolish." Suddenly someone grabbed me by my arm. Surprised I turned around and saw a nun with a beautiful and very familiar face. "Tenshi…?"

Frau's POV:
We were riding on our hawkzile and were on our way to district four.
Teito was very silent ever since the departure with Capella, not even Mikage could cheer him up. After a while I couldn't stand to look at his sad face anymore.
"Here brat, this will cheer you up." Teito looked surprised at the magazine I gave him. Unaware of what I actually gave him he flipped it open…his eyes widened and his face turned beet red. "Frau! Stop giving me your dirty magazines!"

And as I expected he threw my porn magazine away. "Oi brat! That was one of my favorite magazines!" I pretended to be angry, but was actually happy on the inside. I rather have him scold me then being sad. The brat huffed and crossed his arms. "I don't understand how a pervert like you can become a bishop!"  I snickered and looked with a smug smirk at him. "Simple, I'm just that great."
After a minute Teito calmed down and became silent again. However this time it was a pleasant silence. Well pleasant till Mikage ruined it. The little pink dragon suddenly jumped on top of my head and started to scream at the top of its longs. "PYA, PYA!! BURUPYA!!!"

"God, what's wrong with him?!" He was obviously excited about something… but about what?
Suddenly Teito gasped and pointed at the sky. "Frau, look up there!" Surprised I looked up and saw two hawkziles flying towards us. I grumbled when I had to slow down, because they were blocking our way. Konatsu was riding on one of the machines  and on the other Hyuuga…but he was not alone. Behind him there was a young woman.

I blinked my eyes, couldn't believe what I saw and took another look. Now I was sure it wasn't an illusion and knew why Mikage suddenly got so excited. The girl her wings were maybe black, her white skin was smeared with wars and she was wearing a uniform…but I recognized the super long blond hair and beautiful face from anywhere. "Angelica…"

Not dead yet

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 19, 2014, 1:44 AM

Ugh should've written this a long time ago. I'm sorry for the inactivity guys, but gosh I've been busy as hell -w- school, tests, internship. Plus I've been sick…and yesterday I had a emergency surgery. Thanks to that I'm at home while my friends are having fun at an anime convention. Urgh stupid body, I hate it!

But I have to admit I've also been inactive because I was (still am) lazy as hell. *sigh*

And to be honest, I've hardly worked on anything. Not my comics, story or commissions. Aaaand I still have to answer a tons of notes, messages and have to comment on your artworks.

So plus be patient sweethearts, I'm only human and I'm trying to do my best.

Love you guys, bye!


Ps: I HATE the new layout of dA, it looks like freaking facebook! 


LadyGab's Profile Picture
Helloooooz~, my name is Tessa and I like to express myself through my art. Most of the time I upload here my drawings, but sometimes I also write poems and when I feel like it even stories~
I also like to meet new people, so don't be scared to talk to me!

My friend- list and people I like to talk to :

:iconallisonwolf:, :iconcoyote69lotus:, :icontumblezee:, :iconayumayuki:, :iconkaterinaaqu:, :iconkassandra-21:, :icontorikii:, :iconbluerosefantasy:

:rose: Favourite Non/ Disney villain: Thrax (Osmosis Jones) Thrax Stamp by MissBezz
:rose: Favourite Non/ Disney villainess: Eris (Sinbad) Eris_Lovers: Part 3 by Sepharinus
:rose: Favourite Non/ Disney hero: Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet) I love Jim Hawkins - Animated by Alantka
:rose: Favourite Non/ Disney heroine: Merida (Brave) Disney Merida + Arrow Stamp by TwilightProwler

Seto Kaiba stamp by Raephen Kisara Fan Stamp by NHS-5 'Kaiba is heart' Stamp by Strah PolarShipping Fan Stamp by NHS-5 Seto Kaiba Stamp by capriciousgamzeee MizuShipping Fan Stamp by NHS-5 Chibi Seto Stamp 1 by NowellsStamps Atem Stamp by NHS-5 Blueshipping Stamp by FalteringIncarnation Mai Fan Stamp by NHS-5 Mizushipping Stamp by FalteringIncarnation Puzzleshipping stamp by capcappucca220 YGO: Apprenticeshipping by Vulpixi-Stamps Deviant Polarshipper by Sarky-Sparky Polarshipping Stamp by Sarky-Sparky Ancient Egypt. British :Stamp: by Circe-Baka Chuteshipping Stamp by FalteringIncarnation Outcastshipping Stamp by FalteringIncarnation YGO Stamp: Pharaoh Atem by xStormyChaos YGO - Card Slinger - Ver. 2 by DuelistoftheRose King of Games Stamp I by Lorainneh 'Stamp 12~ by xMuffin-Wen Kagura Stamp by Strawberry-of-Love Rin Stamp by Strawberry-of-Love Sesshoumaru Stamp by Strawberry-of-Love Sango Stamp by Strawberry-of-Love Sango Stamp by Shiyui Inuyasha Stamp by DemitriaMiriam Inuyasha and Buyo Stamp by DaggerTribal InuYasha Stamp - Animated by Astanine Walt Disney Animated Stamp by hanakt Disney Rapunzel Stamp by TwilightProwler Merida by clio-mokona Excited Merida Stamp by shadowleigh Brave Stamp by SpannedSoul Little Merida by clio-mokona Will-o'-the-wisp by clio-mokona Rapunzel Love Stamp by shadowleigh Tangled - Stay Calm by Vilyane Tangled - Suspicion by Vilyane Disney Stamp - Mulan 005 by hanakt Disney Stamp - Mulan 007 by hanakt Disney Stamp - Mulan 004 by hanakt Disney Dancing Esmeralda Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Esmeralda Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Meeko + Percy Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Pocahontas Stamp by TwilightProwler Beauty And The Beast by RuthlessDreams Beauty and the Beast - stamp by Yaraffinity Beauty and the Beast 9 by princess-femi-stamps Jim Hawkins Love Stamp by StampMakerLKJ I love Jim Hawkins - Animated by Alantka Ayu x Naira stamp by AyuMayuki

Werewolf Princess Stamp by Goldenwolf Van Helsing Werewolf Stamp by sugarpoultry Werewolf Stamp by A-R-Allen Lycanthropy Stamp by Emotikonz




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