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D.I.D- Callisto's past
Joanna, who had worked her whole life as a paediatric nurse, didn’t know what to think as she looked at the young girl in front of her. Such a beautiful child she was, you’d think she was a little angel. She had long silky silver hair, beautiful big blue eyes and such a fair skin you’d think she was made of china, a doll you could say. Joanna knew that when this child would grow up she would be a gorgeous woman…and yet this beautiful child was covered with bruises. The nurse felt a sting in her heart as she approached the girl, how many times had this child been here in such a short time? She didn’t know and the more she thought about it, the more concerned she got. As Joanna kneeled down in front of the girl she forced a kind and warm smile on her face. “Hello Callisto, it’s me Nurse Joanna. Remember me from last time?” When the child didn’t reply Joanna continued. “…I see you hurt your arm…” She said as
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Spirit Animals- Project Siren 3
9 October – 17:21
After that night many more would follow. Dante worked nearly every day over time and would then spend some time with Angelo. Either he finished his work and went  to visit the ginger for a talk or he would read a book as he listened to Angelo singing songs for him. Sometimes he would even grab a his laptop and work while sitting by the pool, just to keep the ginger company. It was ever since the professor had started to spend time with Angelo that the ginger realised how lonely he had been all this time. When Dante had a day off or when the professor went home, Angelo couldn’t help but to feel a bit lonely and got bored easily. It took him a while to realise that though.
One day the ginger was laying lazily by the edge of the pool, with half of his tail still submerged in the water as he watched Yamato, Dante and some other scientists discussing some results of that days experiment. As Angelo watched the scientists closely, more specifically Dante, he
:iconladygab:LadyGab 2 0
Spirit Animals- Project Siren 2
15 September – 16:45
After the injection everything went pretty back to normal, even Angelo acted normal. Sure he had a lot of pain the whole day after the injection, but he didn’t act  vengeful or anything, or so Dante thought. The relationship between him and Dante hadn’t changed much either though…but that was about to change.
One afternoon, after a new experiment, Dante was reading through the test results as he was walking next to Jessica by the pool. They had been discussing both the experiment and the results when the girl suddenly changed the subject. “Hey Dante, I was wondering…maybe we could go and grab a bite together after work? I-I know a place with delicious Italian food, so…” When Dante didn’t reply the girl only got more nervous. “Y-you don’t have to if you don’t want to of course! …uhm, Dante?” Again the man didn’t reply and this time Jessica couldn’t help but to glance
:iconladygab:LadyGab 1 3
Spirit Animals- Project Siren 1
4 September – 10:37
Time seemed to move agonisingly slow as Dante was waiting in the lobby. For what must have been the 100th time the man looked at his watch and sighed deeply. He hated unpunctual people. ‘At least these club chairs are comfortable.’ He thought as he sat there for a few more minutes when at last a man in a lab coat walked over to him. “Professor Gerfalcon?”
“Yes?” The man in the lab coat smiled and introduced himself. “Nice to meet you, my name is Yamato Fukashi, we spoke on the phone last week.”  Slowly Dante got up and was greeted with a bow by Yamato. Relieved he bowed in return, glad that he didn’t have to shake hands. “Yes, I remember you.”
“Glad you do. Sorry that I’m late, but we were quite busy in the lab and I forgot about the time.” Not bothering to even force a smile Dante replied. “It’s okay.” Of course this was a lie. Either Yamato didn’t
:iconladygab:LadyGab 2 2
Project Siren by LadyGab Project Siren :iconladygab:LadyGab 10 7 Doodles Dante and Angelo by LadyGab Doodles Dante and Angelo :iconladygab:LadyGab 6 8
D.I.D- Resistance (updated)
In heaven, where it normally was peaceful, there was quite a ruckus going on. Today there was a trial taking place in the temple of justice and oh what a scandal it was! Two angels were involved. One of them fell in love with a human girl and neglected his duties, causing his own human to get wounded! And the other angel was as guilty as the other, having knowledge about this scandalous relationship and even helping them out!
Those two angels were no one else but Hayden and Callisto. They were kneeling on the white marble floor in front of a huge altar, known as the altar of justice,  which was made of the same marble as the floor. But the altar wasn’t what captivated everybody’s attention, it was WHO was behind it.
Hayden’s head was hanging low, he didn’t dare to look up, while Callisto on the other hand held her head up as she looked at her creator. God’s voice couldn’t be heard out loud, but only in the mind of those whom he wanted to hear hi
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Guardian of the woods by LadyGab Guardian of the woods :iconladygab:LadyGab 7 11



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Heya, I'm Tessa! I love drawing, writing stories and meeting new people so feel free to talk to me~

My friend- list and people I like to talk to :

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Hey guys it’s

I’m writing
this journal because I have something to talk to you guys about.

Those who
have been following my DID story probably have noticed that I’ve been working
less and less at this story. This has two causes: one I’m busy with my everyday
life and this video I’ve been working on nearly non-stop. But that sadly is not
the only cause.

The more I
think about the progress of the story, read the old chapters and make art, the
less pleased I am with this story. Frankly I just don’t feel like writing at it
anymore because I don’t really like it anymore. That’s perhaps put quite
strongly, but yeah… DID never was meant to be a story consisting of so many
chapters. I started it with a horror one shot and just kept on writing more and
more chapters. Sadly this affects the story greatly and not in a good way.
There’s no real story line, no goal, no back bone and this has been irritating
me to no end lately... And yet this story is still my precious baby and I don’t
want to throw it aside, because I’ve worked so hard on it so far. All the art
and chapters… I could just force myself to write the few last chapters since
the end is near, but I’m afraid they will be written half heartedly. I had many
plans for the sequel of DID too: DID- Amnesia, but I don’t think I’ll ever get
to write this story.

The reason
I’m writing this is because I don’t want to let you guys in the dark and want
you to know why I haven’t been working on DID lately. I’m just stuck and don’t
know what to do. Like I said earlier I could just write the last chapters and
get it over with, but if I’m going to finish a story I want to do it well not
half heartedly. Sometimes I just wonder if I should just start the story all
over again, because I’ve come up with all kinds of new ideas and concepts. I’m
especially working on my angel concept because my old angels were far from
impressive (which angels are in my eyes), plus I would like to add a goal in my
story, a red line to follow, because let’s be honest guys, Naira has no goal in
this story and a good story has a goal, a quest you could say. And as for now,
DID is just one one-shot after the other, not a real story in my eyes. On the
other hand…this means that I have to start all over again and this will take
aaaaaages and discourages me a little too.

Now that
you’ve all read this, what do you guys think? I know you can’t make decisions
for me and that’s not what I meant to do with this journal either, but you guys
have supported me for so long so I wanted to let you know. Also special thanks
goes to my friends: Kay-chan, Tsuki and Kassie because you’ve guys been
following this story from almost the beginning and never gave up on me and ever
so patiently waited for me to upload a new chapter. Love you guys so much!

Wow ok this
journal got so long, didn’t intend to do that ^^” anwyway I’ll leave it at
that. Thanks for reading!





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